Friday, March 16, 2012

Pin It: Try Something New

Just like last Friday, I'm posting some inspiration in preparation for this month's Point of View reveal and link party on Friday, March 23rd. This month's theme is "Pinterest", so start working on that project you pinned months ago and get it ready to link up next Friday!

This week's Pin It inspiration is "try something new"... a new technique, a new method, a new craft. See if any of these pique your interest...

Ever carve your own stamp? I love this little cloud. Find this stamp carving tutorial on teal + tea.

Ever think about doing your own screen printing? This is a simple way to get started. Check out this DIY screen printing tutorial using an embroidery hoop, screen printing ink, mod podge, and sheer material (like old nylons) on Strings to Things.

Afraid of buttonholes? Give it a try (I know I need to :) This video from Prudent Baby walks you through sewing a one-step buttonhole with your sewing machine.

Who here wants to learn to crochet? (I do, I do!) Check out Crochet School over at Craftyminx. There are twenty three lessons that walk you through from the basics to different stitches to reading patterns. This is a great resource.

Have you heard the term "quilt as you go"? With this method you can easily make a queen or king size quilt top and quilt it as you go. No need to send it out to the long arm quilter. Sewtakeahike has a four part sew along that walks you through the process.

Did any of these pins tickle your fancy? Itching to start a new project and try a new craft? Next week's Point of View link party is a great excuse to get started... just saying :)

* Please, please, please... if you are interested in pinning one of these projects, either click on the picture and repin from my board or go to the original source and pin from there. Please don't pin from here. These are not my projects. Proper pinning etiquette is so important to make sure that people get credit for their work. Thank you!


chris said...

These are some great resources. I need to look at quilting as you go!

Unknown said...

I do want to try printing my own fabric... Maybe I will one day (I did it once back in high school but I'd like to try it again because I barely remember that far back anymore)...

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

That cloud stamp is adorable, I remember using a similar tool to make lino carved prints in high school art class.
And yes, I want to learn to crochet, that was my craft 2012 resolution. I purchased a book but I am finding it very difficult.

malia said...

you know what-- those are all things I'd love to know how to do... thank you gwen!

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

I learned how to crochet from Martha herself. via her magazine. ;) But truth be told, I find it much easier to see someone doing it in action for me to learn. Try youtube for some wonderful video tutes on crochet. I'd be happy to show you what I know at SNAP. :) I'm thinking the quilt as you go would be a perfect project for me. :)

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