Friday, March 9, 2012

Pin It: A Rainbow of Crafty Goodness

When was the last time I did a Pin It Wednesday post? November 23rd! It has been a looong time. And it's not even Wednesday. Well, I've decided that my "Pin It Wednesday" posts are going to become more of a "Pin It Whenever I Feel Like It" kind of thing :) But for the next two Fridays I'm going to be posting some inspiration in preparation for this month's Point of View reveal and link party on Friday, March 23rd. In case you missed the big announcement last week, this month's theme is "Pinterest", so this is a great excuse to start that project you pinned months ago and get it ready to link up at the end of the month.

Before I get to this week's inspiration, do you know how Point of View came to be? Amy told the story on her blog last week, and I think it's important to share. This is what Amy wrote, "When Jonie and I first discussed the concept over lunch one day last year, we had both recently participated in craft competitions. What we loved about the competition was the challenge - the opportunity to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and try new things, or perhaps finally find the motivation to make something that had been on our list to make forever, but we just never had the need. What I didn't like about the competition was the judging. I didn't like having my project, that I loved and worked hard on, compared to the others in the contest. I didn't like losing. ;) So, we came up with Point of View - a chance to push ourselves, to try new projects and to create projects regularly. (Let's face it, sometimes we need a little external motivation ;) But I also wanted it to be more than just our group's projects - I really want to create a platform for everyone to participate, so we can all benefit from the motivation, the excitement and the opportunity to let our own "Point of View" be seen and heard." I love this story, and it's exactly why I jumped at the chance to join Point of View when Amy asked me last year. No competition... just motivating and challenging yourself to get creative and try new things.

This week's Pin It inspiration is a rainbow of crafty goodness. There's a little something for everyone... woodworking, sewing, paper crafts, crafts for kids, and a recipe. Check out all of this color...

I am in love with this colorful wooden doormat from Lowe's Creative Ideas. Find the DIY instructions here.

This mini swoon zipper pouch from Laura at Needles, Pins and Baking Tins is absolutely gorgeous. I have a major thing for the swoon pattern, and I think I could actually handle it in miniature.

Source: via Gwen on Pinterest

If you've been around here long enough, you know I'm a sucker for ROY G BIV, and this pencil roll from Kirsty at You had me at bonjour is no exception.

These sweet little bunting gift tags are from the Rainy Day Colors Etsy shop. They are so flipping adorable!

Source: via Gwen on Pinterest

I have never made homemade play dough, but it is on my "one day" list, and this stack of every color makes me want to get started on it right now. Check out the recipe from Susannah at an art nest.

Source: Susannah at via Gwen on Pinterest

These colorful spiral cookies look absolutely delicious. I love the sprinkles. Get the recipe from Heather Baird on SprinkleBakes.

Hope these pins inspire you to get working on one of those Pinterest projects you've been thinking about. Or maybe you just started thinking about one of these inspiration pins :) Whatever the project, this month's Point of View link party is a great excuse to get motivated and get started!

* Please, please, please... if you are interested in pinning one of these projects, either click on the picture and repin from my board or go to the original source and pin from there. Please don't pin from here. These are not my projects. Proper pinning etiquette is so important to make sure that people get credit for their work. Thank you!


Sharon said...

These are great! I think my kids and I will try the play dough and cookies this week, so fun!

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

I love the swoon pattern too- thanks to all your pins. ;) That mini version looks do-able for sure. Great- more things to pin and do. lol.

Andi said...

I really need to start trying more of my pins. So many great ideas out there, so little time. :) Rainbows always make me happy.

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Homemade playdough is sooooo easy! You have to try it!! One recipe makes a lot and it lasts a long time.

Love all your rainbow ideas!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous stuff Gwen. I love the rainbow goodness maybe almost as much as you do. :) That wooden mat is so pretty!

I don't use Pinterest but I do appreciate your note at the bottom there explaining proper pinning etiquette. Thanks for taking the time to add that. Very good of you and so very important!

aleshaelis said...

I love rainbow colour so much. You share best images of rainbow colour goodies. All thinks look wonderful and lovely. You have done fantastic work.

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