Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pin It Wednesday: Nutella!

This week's Pin It Wednesday is a yummy one!

All of the pins I will be sharing today involve one thing... Nutella!

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If you have never had Nutella, you are missing out, my friends. Nutella is delicious. Nutella is heavenly. Nutella is amazing. Nutella is a spread (like peanut butter) made from roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. Yum! My favorite way to eat it is right out of the jar, but you can spread it on toast or make Nutella sandwiches. And, as I'm about to show you, you can make some absolutely delectable delights with it. Curious? Here are this week's pins...

1. Nutella Sandwich Cookies from A Beautiful Mess.
Spread some Nutella between a couple of yummy, buttery sugar cookies? Yes please!

2. Nutella Doughnuts from Sips and Spoonfuls.
I would have no problem downing a dozen or two handful of these in one sitting.

3. Nutella Ice Cream from Sugarlaws.
I love Nutella. I love ice cream. This one's a winner! And there are only five ingredients!

Oh my Nutella goodness! I don't know which recipe to try first. They all look so delicious. What's your favorite way to eat Nutella? Know of any other great Nutella recipes? Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out. Thanks!

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Ladybird Ln said...

Oh man these all look so yummy! Thanks for sharing!


Krista said...

Oh dang girl, not fair right before my beach vacation!! Nutella is so wonderful. I like it best in crepes with bananas. My first pregnancy, I probably ate about 50 such crepes. I was obsessed.

Ricki said...

Oh my goodness! I think I gained 10 pounds from just looking at the photos!

Mandi said...

Oh how i love nutella. It makes everything wonderful! I think I could eat it on a flip flop.

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Here is where I admit to not being a huge fan of nutella. I like it okay, but it's not my favorite. ;) I might have to get over it though because these recipes look really good.

Amanda Joy Petersen said...

I will have to try those Nutella Filled Donuts. When my dad used to bring nutella home from work trips to Germany... one of my favorites. You couldn't find it back in the States then.

I made a Nutella Buttercream Frosting

I want to spread some on a graham cracker and make Nutella S'mores:)

Unknown said...

oh gooosh... you know what I need now don't you! eep, let me at it!

Michele T said...

Wow! These look delish! I probably gained 2 lbs just looking at the photos. Here is an interesting way to eat Nutella.... on pizza! Yup! My niece loves it.

Heather @ The Beating Hearth said...

It's just not my thing. You know, I get it. I really do...nutella that is...I can see why maybe people like it...except for the hazlenuts! Yick. Anything with hazlenuts is not for me. I'm a p.b. gal

Unknown said...

Oh what yumminess! These are all being added to my recipe stash now. I'm not dedicated enough to pin at the moment, but YUM!

Tanya said...

No link, but these are super yummy. And fast. And easy!

Nutella Brownie Bites

1/2 cup Nutella
1 egg
5 tbsp flour

Preheat oven to 350. Grease a mini muffin tin.
In a large bowl mix the Nutella and egg together until smooth. Add the flour and mix.
Pour batter into mini muffin tin, filling till about 3/4 full. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes. Let cool completely, then dust with icing sugar.

Jodi @ Organizing Dolo said...

I love Nutella out of the jar and had a fatal attraction to it while I was pregnant.

I've used Nutella to make chocolate hazelnut ravioli and Nutella Hot Chocolate from One Hungry Mama.

Jessica said...

Be still my heart! I have a very serious love for Nutella. I'll have to try these recipes out!

malia said...

I happen to have a fresh jar of nutella just waiting for some action! feeling very inspired (and hungry) now!

Andi said...

i never wanted to try nutella because I'm not a huge fan of anything hazelnut but as I've gotten older it isn't as bad as I once thought. So I just bought my first jar and it is the first of MANY!! Sooooo good!

Jen @ My Own Road said...

I haven't had much Nutella...but your round up makes me want to go out and pick up a few jars and make some of this stuff. The ice cream sounds pretty tasty!

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