Monday, July 28, 2014

Limited Commercial License for Pencil Shaped Pouch

I mentioned this in my post last night; here are some of the details and links:

I have decided to start selling a Limited Commercial License for my pencil shaped pouch tutorial. This is a license to make and sell handmade items using the Gwenny Penny pencil pouch tutorial. If you have a home sewing business and purchase this license, you are entitled to make and sell these pouches for profit. The license is good for as many pencil pouches as you are capable of making by hand, and all items must be handmade by the purchaser. Factory or mass production is strictly prohibited. The fee for the license is $10.

I am asking sellers to agree to follow a few specific guidelines. If you are interested, please read the complete terms and conditions, found HERE. There you will also find a link to pay for the license and a form to register your business with me as a licensed seller.

This is a great back-to-school item and my most popular tutorial. I love providing my free tutorials here on my blog for personal use (which includes making items as gifts), but I have spent a lot of time working on my tutorials, and I feel the license is the best way to be fair in regards to profiting from my design. I want to thank everyone who has already expressed an interest in purchasing the license. I really appreciate it! Please let me know if you have any questions.


Ellieboo said...

Hi Gwen - what an absolutely great design, thank you for sharing your design. I was wondering if it was OK for me to use the tutorial to make some for my child's upcoming school fair - I was thinking of making about 20 for them to sell. I was wondering if that was allowed or whether that is prohibited? Thanks in advance. Amanda

ozzypip said...

Hi Gwen. I found your tutorial via Pinterest via another ladies blog. Her's was in German so NOT too helpful (even with the translation) I was hoping to make a few for a stall we are having in a few weeks. We are raising money for a school for underpriveledged kids in Zambia but I am happy to pay the fee... just have to work out how

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