Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Organize Link Party Buttons in a Post

Today I'm over at Kristin's blog, A Simply Klassic Home, as a mentor in her Beginner Bloggers Club series. I'm sharing a little how-to on organizing link party buttons into a nice, neat table using HTML code.

The Beginner Bloggers Club (BBC) is a really great series that Kristin is hosting. All month long there are posts featuring new bloggers as well as posts by "mentors" giving advice and sharing tips with new bloggers. I wish the BBC had been around when I first started out! You can check out my post on building a table in HTML here and find links to the other BBC posts here. Great info for new and seasoned bloggers alike!


Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Thanks so much Gwen! There's been some great feedback already, and I know lots more really appreciate the tutorial you shared. Thanks for your kind words. :))

chris said...

I so needed this three years ago...and even more now! How did I never know you could make a table in html?

Darcy said...

Ooh! Things I need! This looks awesome - thanks for sharing :-)

Unknown said...

Gwen, you are amazing! My blog needs a major facelift and your post and the series are such good info, even though I'm not really a beginner anymore :)

Unknown said...

That sounds totally useful. I still need stuff like that because, goodness knows, there's a lot to learn (plus I'm terribly forgetful).

Will definitely check it out!

Lovely Light said...

Thanks so much! I'm and HTML novice and I will definitely use your tutorial! IF you have time, check out my blog about life in Cape Town!

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