Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Old Orchard Beach

I just spent a long weekend camping in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I used to go to Old Orchard with my family when I was a kid, and coincidentally my husband used to go every summer with his family as well. It was nice to bring our girls up there and hopefully continue the tradition.

A lot has changed over the past twenty five years or so, but many things remain the same.

"The All American Meal" has always been 99 cents on the pier.

You have always been able to get fantastic treats. The fried dough is the largest I have ever seen.
I came home with a huge bag full of molasses salt water taffy (my favorite).

And Old Orchard Beach still has one of the coolest carousels I have ever seen.
My three year old rode on the zebra. There's also a bear, a pig, a cat, and a dragon!

The trip was a nice way to celebrate the end of summer and the all-too-soon arrival of fall weather and the first day of preschool.


Andi said...

Looks like fun! When most people hear Maine they think lots of snow. It's nice to see there is a lot more then just snow. I would totally would choose the rooster if I rode that carousel that or the ostrich...the way they look like they are prancing made me laugh out loud!

malia said...

Gwen-- I absolutely love your photos... they are so good! I don't know this part of the US, being over on the left coast. Thanks for sharing!

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