Sunday, July 31, 2011

Simple Custom Gift Box

Today I'm guest posting over at Scissors and Spatulas. I'm sharing a tutorial on how to make a simple custom gift box. Shouldn't you wrap a handmade gift in a handmade gift box? Yes!

Isn't this cute? And it's so easy, too. I used to make this style box when I was a kid. You can customize the gift box for the recipient by choosing the perfect rubber stamps, colors, and embellishments.

Head on over to Scissors and Spatulas for the full tutorial.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Point of View Features and Theme for August

Thanks to everyone who linked up their summer projects at the Point of View Summer Link Party on Friday. There were so many cute projects! If you haven't stopped over to check them out, go take a look.

The first project I'm featuring is so adorable. Check these out...

These cupcake/brownie hamburgers are just too cute and come from Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers. What a great dessert to bring to a BBQ this summer! Especially love the white sprinkles on top that look like sesame seeds. So clever!

The second project I'm featuring this month is this cute Summer Felt Flower Headband from Annie at Tickled Pink.

Adorable, right? Annie has written a great tutorial that walks you through how to make this flower two different ways. Add to that the fact that she is only thirteen... I think this girl has a very bright crafty future ahead of her :)

Taryn and Annie, feel free to grab a Point of View feature button...

The Point of View theme for August is... BACK TO SCHOOL! Point of View is all about your interpretation of the theme. Use any medium, pattern, tutorial, original idea... it's all up to you! We can't wait to see what you come up with. The next reveal and link party will be Friday, August 26th. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pin It Wednesday: Summer

In keeping with the Point of View theme for July, today's Pin It Wednesday theme is "summer". Here are this week's pins...

I fell in love with these right away. The fabric is beautiful. Imagine showing up to a
summer BBQ with one of these covering your dish. These would make a fantastic gift, too.

This is the very first project that I saw on Lorene's blog, and I have loved it ever since.
Another idea would be to do the same thing with shells. Such a neat way to preserve a memory.

A few weeks ago my husband told me that he saw a picnic table in someone's backyard
with a tablecloth on it, and he thought we needed one. That night I found this tutorial.
Perfect timing. This laminated cotton tablecloth ties to your picnic table...
no worries about it blowing away.

I just love the look of hand stamping on fabric. These are made using kitchen tea towels. Brilliant.

Do you have a summer-themed tutorial pinned or bookmarked that you have made or are hoping to make soon? If so, leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out. Thanks!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last Chance... The Key to Taking Pictures E-Book

Remember my rave review of the e-book The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer by Katie Evans?

Well, if you've been on the fence about purchasing the book, now is the time. Katie asked me to share a little secret with you guys... the price of the e-book will be increasing on August 1st, 2011. So if you want this e-book at the introductory price, head over to Katie's website and buy it this week so you're not kicking yourself later :) The cost is $16.95... but not for long!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Basic Electrical Knowledge on just Lu

Did you know that I used to be an engineer? Today I'm actually putting some of that knowledge to use over at just Lu, with a guest post sharing some basic electrical information that everyone should know.

image source
Lorene's Housewife MacGyver series is focusing on becoming more MacGyver around the house this month. If you've missed previous months of the Housewife MacGyver series, make sure you check them out... there have been some really interesting and informative posts on organization, finances, and becoming more MacGyver domestically, physically, and in the kitchen. And don't miss this month's mini series of guest posts written by an appliance repairman. Very informative.

Housewife MacGyver

Head on over to just Lu today for my guest post on basic electrical information that everyone should know.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Point of View and Summer Treasures Belt Tutorial

Welcome to the July Point of View reveal! First, I would like to introduce you to our new Point of View member Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything. I think she's going to make a great addition to the group. Also, our guests this month are Michele from Michele Made Me and Carolina from Always Expect Moore. Thanks for joining us, ladies!

The theme for July is "summer". Here are the Point of View summer-themed projects...

Gwen from Gwenny Penny (scroll down to find the tutorial for my Summer Treasures Belt)
Carolina from Always Expect Moore
Michele from Michele Made Me

Such a wide variety of projects this month. Love it! You can check out each of the projects by visiting the individual blogs listed above, and scroll down here to see the tutorial for my Summer Treasures Belt.

Do you have a "summer" project that you would like to share? We would like to invite you to join the Point of View Summer Link Party over at Organize and Decorate Everything. Any idea that you feel relates to summer is welcome at the link party. And remember, it doesn't have to be a new project. If you have something in your archives that's summer-related, link it up! We want to see any and all summer ideas. But before you do that, I'd like to share my Summer Treasures Belt tutorial with you...
I love these cute little belts! I made one for each of my girls. It's a belt with a tiny pouch for holding little shells, rocks, money for the ice cream truck, a ticket for the carousel... all the essential little treasures that are important to kids in the summertime.

One of the nice things about this project is that the belt can be worn alone or with the pouch. Would your kids love one of these? Here's the how-to...

  • fabric for the belt
  • exterior fabric for the pouch
  • interior fabric for the pouch
  • fusible fleece
  • lightweight fusible interfacing
  • 2 D-rings (1")
  • 1" piece of hook and loop tape
  • thread
  • iron
  • disappearing or water-soluble marking pencil or pen

Step 1: Start by making the belt. There are several D-ring belt tutorials out there, and there are even instructions on the back of the D-ring package. This is how I made mine: Measure around the child's waste and add 7". We'll call this Measurement A. Cut your belt fabric 3.5" wide by Measurement A long. Cut a piece of fusible fleece 1.75" wide by (Measurement A minus 1") long.

Step 2: To make the belt, you're going to create a giant piece of bias tape. Take your fabric and press in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Open it back up and press one long edge into the center crease. Press the other long edge into the center crease.
Step 3: Open the fabric up and center your fusible fleece inside the fabric. There should be about 1/2" of space on either end. Fuse the fleece to the fabric following the manufacturer's instructions. Take both short ends of your fabric strip and press them in about 1/2". Press the long edges of your fabric back into the center.
Fold the entire piece in half lengthwise again and press really well. Your fabric strip should be about 7/8" wide now.

Step 4: Pin the entire length of your fabric strip together. Topstitch around all 4 sides (both short ends and both long sides) about 1/8" from the edge.

Step 5: Take one end of your fabric strip and slip it through both D-rings. Fold the end over about 1" to hold the D-rings. Stitch the fold closed about 1/8" from the end of the strip. Go over it two or three times to reinforce it. Now you have a belt!
Step 6: Now to make the tiny treasures pouch. You need to cut one piece of exterior fabric, one piece of interior fabric, and two interfacing pieces in each of these sizes... 3.5" x 6.5" and 2.5" x 2.5". Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of each piece of exterior and interior fabric.

Step 7: Take your 3.5" x 6.5" piece of exterior fabric and measure down about 1.5" from one of the short sides. Mark this point. Find a round object (like a cup or a small bowl) that you can trace around to get the rounded edge from the mark you just made up to the short edge of the fabric (see photo below for clarification). Mark this rounded edge and cut out. Repeat for the 3.5" x 6.5" piece of interior fabric.
Step 8: Take your 3.5" x 6.5" piece of interior fabric and lay it down right side up. Measure down about 1/2" from the top of the curve. Place the top of one half of your hook and loop tape at this point. Center the hook and loop tape horizontally and sew to the right side of your interior fabric.

Step 9: Place your 3.5" x 6.5" pieces of exterior and interior fabric right sides together. Sew around the outside edge using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a 2" opening along the bottom for turning. Clip the corners and the curve along the top. Turn right side out and press, making sure to press in the raw edges of the opening along the bottom. Topstitch along the bottom about 1/8" from the edge to close your opening. Set this piece aside. This piece will eventually become your pouch.

Step 10: Take your 2.5" square pieces of exterior and interior fabric and place right sides together. Sew around the outside edge using a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving a 1.5" opening on one side for turning. Clip corners and turn right side out. Press, making sure to press in the raw edges of the opening.

Step 11: Grab your pouch piece and lay it out with the exterior fabric facing up. Measure down 1.5" from the top of the curve. This is where the top of your square piece from Step 10 will go. Center the square horizontally, with the exterior fabric facing up. Make sure that the opening you left for turning in the square is either at the top or the bottom. Pin the square to your pouch piece. Sew the square to your pouch piece along the top and bottom edges of the square about 1/8" from the edges. DO NOT sew along the left and right sides of the square.
Step 12: With the exterior fabric still facing up, measure 1/8" up from the bottom of your pouch piece. This is where the bottom of the other piece of hook and loop tape will line up. Center the hook and loop tape horizontally and sew to the pouch piece.

Step 13: Flip your pouch piece over so that the interior fabric is facing up. Take the bottom edge and fold it up about 2.25". Press. Pin in place. Topstitch along the left side, around the curve of the flap, and along the right side about 1/8" from the edge. I added a little button embellishment to the flap of my pouches, which you can do at this point if you'd like.
Now just slip your belt through the loop on the back of the pouch, and you're done!

OK, now you can run over to the Point of View Summer Link Party at Organize and Decorate Everything :) I'll be featuring some of your summer projects in a post next week. Hope to see you at the party!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pin It Wednesday: Quilt Inspiration

Today's theme is "quilt inspiration". If I had all the time in the world to sew, this is what I would be doing. Here are this week's pins...
1. Bizzy Kid Quilt from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew.
I already purchased this pattern and can't wait until I can find time to make this quilt. Love it!

Get this... through a bit of research I found out that this quilt was actually made by
Vanessa of V and Co. and published in Quilts and More magazine. I LOVE this quilt. Gorgeous!

Love the bright colors against the white, and that polka dot binding is perfect.

4. Diamonds Mini Quilt from Lindsay at Lindsay Sews.
I love the gray background and the scrappy rainbow binding. Beautiful!

Do you have a favorite quilt pinned in Pinterest or bookmarked to make someday? If so, leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out. Thanks!

If you're interested in seeing my other quilt pins, click HERE. Interested in seeing ALL of my Pinterest boards? Click HERE. No clue what Pinterest is? Click HERE.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Camera Strap and Point of View Reminder

Remember my patchwork camera strap cover that I made for myself for my birthday in May? Well, my sister liked it so much that she wanted one, too. So I sewed up another strap cover as a birthday gift for her...

My sister's favorite feature (which is also mine) is the lens cap pocket. I use my camera almost every day, and that pocket is fantastic. I really love the tutorial for this strap from Vanessa at LBG Studio. Highly recommend it.

Also, a reminder that this month's Point of View collage reveal and link party will be this Friday, July 22nd.

The theme for July is "summer". Any idea that you feel relates to summer is welcome at the link party. And remember, it doesn't have to be a new project. If you have something in your archives that's summer-related, link it up! We want to see any and all summer ideas. Hope to see you at the link party on Friday!

I'm linking up...

sew many ways

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pin It Wednesday: Gnomes

Time for another Pin It Wednesday...

Today's theme... make a gnome! You ask why, I ask why not? Having recently seen the movie Gnomeo and Juliet, I've got gnomes on the brain. Here are this week's pins...

1. Embroider a gnome... Embroidery pattern from Wild Olive available in Mollie's Etsy shop

2. Crochet a gnome... Free pattern available at Bellas Artes (image via Flickr)

3. Sew a gnome... Sewing pattern from Aimee Ray (creator of Doodle Stitching)

4. Cross stitch a gnome... Counted cross stitch pattern from Sewing Seed's Etsy shop

After seeing the movie, my oldest thinks we need a few garden gnomes now, but I'm pretty sure she's under the impression that they will come to life and talk to her. Does anyone out there actually own a garden gnome?

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